Sunday, November 3, 2013

Using photos to inspire writing

Most of us love taking pictures to capture a moment. Why not encourage our students to do that? I recently got iPhoto, Garageband, Keynote, and iMovie on my iPad. I attended a PD led by Shannon Soger on Keynote and discovered how easy it is to use on the iPad. I was anxious to teach Keynote to someone else, both so that I would learn more about it as well as to find different uses for it within the curriculum. One of my visits to a 5th grade 1:1 iPad classroom gave me the idea that Keynote on the iPad would really enhance writing. I gave them the assignment to take photos of things that were meaningful to them. In their character unit for reading, one of the teachers had recently done a mini lesson focusing on objects in the story that were meaningful to a character. Consequently, the kids had a good understanding of meaningful objects.

I also took photos of objects that were meaningful to me in order to prepare to model. I spent about 5 minutes showing the students the basics of Keynote as I built my own Keynote. They were off and running...

 Using photos for writing:

  • capturing a "small moment" to return to later
  • using the photo to write a detailed description
  • support or illustrate a claim
  • develop a "story board" for organization
  • use for visual support when conversing with another writer about your draft piece

As always, I learned so much from the students!

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